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20-30 minute session   Hands on or Hands off Healing (your preference) $50.00

  • Senior Citizen Discount $25.00
  • Guided Meditation  $20.00--relax and close your eyes and let this guided meditation transport you to a place of soothing relaxation and releasing of all stress. Enjoy the background ambient sounds of nature, running water, birds and ocean. remember thoughts are things and you can manifest what environment you choose to live in- choose positive! About a 20 minute session.
  • Divination  $35.00 per reading--Tarot Card readings- all done with white light blessing. Many card theme and spread choices. Besides your basic tarot cards and spreads, I also offer Native American Medicine Cards- find your Spirit Animals! Gypsy card fortune telling cards, and Past Life card readings. Each reading differs so cannot pin point a time frame.

Combination Package   60 minutes $75.00    /  Seniors 25.00 and optional cookies welcome.

Enjoy the complete package- you deserve it!

Get a Reiki treatment while listening to a soothing guided meditation. We can begin and end our session with Ocean Breathing- a gentle inhalation and exhalation exercise that is universally known to be therapeutic. Follow with an optional Divination Reading with Tarot- many choices of cards and spreads available. All readings are started with a white light blessing to induce positive energy.

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