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All  Holistic services are available in Pinellas County Florida only.
Getting married at the beach ?
I am a legally Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant in the state of Florida, Pinellas County. I can also officate at Baptisms, Handfastings and perform last rites.
Please email or call to inquire about these services.



Healing Touch

During the Reiki healing session the practitioner will place his hands lightly on different parts of your body. Some Reiki practitioners will follow a predetermined sequence of hand placements, allowing their hands to rest on each body placement for 2 to 5 minutes before moving on to the next. Empathic practitioners will freely move their hands in no particular order to the areas where they "feel" Reiki is most needed. Some Reiki practitioners do not actually touch their clients. Instead, they will hover their lifted palms a few inches above the reclined body. Either way, Reiki energies flow where they are suppose to. Reiki is a smart energy that automatically flows where the imbalances are in your body regardless of where the practitioner's hands are placed.

Guided Meditation

If you're brand new to the world of meditation, it's easy to get a little overwhelmed by all the jargon, all the options, and all of the time you're supposed to spend in silence, free of distractions. A guided meditation is the perfect way to kick off your relationship with this scientifically proven stress-relieving activity. You may think that meditating means you've got to sit down on a pillow and stay in silence for hours on end. Luckily, this is not the case for a guided meditation. Soothing sounds and a gentle voice guide you through an allotted period of time, helping you draw attention to your breath and internal gaze, instead of all the chatter in your mind. From every guided meditation, you can expect a kind voice moving you through the process. This voice will tell you where to bring attention in your body, help you elongate a stressed-out breathing pattern, and allow you to relax deep into the moment.

Gentle Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a general term for practices that modify yoga poses so that they can be done while seated in a chair. These modifications make yoga accessible to people who cannot stand or lack the mobility to move easily from standing to seated to supine positions. Many of the basic body mechanics of the individual postures are retained, no matter the stance of the practitioner. While seated on chairs, students can do versions of twists, hip stretches, forward bends, and mild backbends. In addition to a good stretch, chair yoga participants can also enjoy other health benefits of yoga, including improved muscle tone, better breathing habits, reduction of stress, better sleep, and a sense of well-being.



The Poetry of the Tarot explores how the Tarot “speaks” or “chirps” its song to the reader using various poetical devices to communicate a message. Like the individual notes of the songs of birds, at first glance a Tarot spread may seem to be a cacophony of images—so, what do we look at? What is significant? Where is the melody?

​What Is Divination?

Divination is the art of predicting the future. The word literally means to “let the divine realm manifest.” An oracle may be a person with special abilities to see beyond the limits of the visible world — a psychic, astrologer, or shaman. Physical tools such as tarot cards and runes are also called oracles.

Celtic oracles known as frithirs served as prognosticators for the Scots. Four times a year, on the first Monday of each quarter, the frithir would fast, then step outside blindfolded just before sunrise. Upon removing her blindfold, the frithir opened her eyes and interpreted the significance of the first thing she saw.

Oracles connect you with your subconscious or inner knowing. They also serve as a link to Divine Wisdom or higher mind. In theory, some part of you already knows the answer to your question. Additionally, the answer lies embedded in the cosmic web that weaves together the seen and unseen worlds. Oracles give you access to information that you
aren't able to perceive through ordinary means.

In some cases, information about the future comes to people unbidden. Many people receive visions or images in dreams that foretell upcoming situations. Religious texts as well as books about dream interpretation contain a plethora of examples of this type of divination. In this sense, a dream can also be considered an oracle.




Ministry Services

$150.00 USD

Healing Touch Reiki

$30.00 for 30 minutes

Divination Readings


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